Take advantage of the significant cost savings of direct purchasing through our global network of overseas suppliers!

CREATIVITY - Your company's brand is one of your most important assets. To be effective, the promotional products you choose must showcase and compliment all the things that make your brand unique in the marketplace. Our creative specialists will work with you to find, or create, just the right product to support your vision. Your product will be planned, designed and manufactured for maximum promotional success at a price that meets your budget. Having worked with hundreds of clients, we'll execute a plan that not only contributes to your “promotability” but your profitability, too!

GLOBAL SOURCING - From Taipei to Toledo, you get the advantages of custom design and direct import pricing with our global sourcing network. With offices in the United States, Europe, and the Far East, we've created an integrated client service facility with one goal in mind...creating promotional products that meet your company's needs with the best combination of price and service in the industry. Our buyers are constantly searching for the newest products, the best manufacturers and the quickest supply routes. The only thing that works harder than our associates are the products we create for you.

QUALITY CONTROL - Our own team of inspectors assess the manufacturers we use to insure that they meet strict standards for ethical and environmental issues as well as production and management capabilities. Independent inspections are conducted throughout production for compliance with approved specifications and delivery deadlines. Every product is tested to conform to all relevant safety and compliance standards and receives a completed certificate of inspection before shipment.

LOGISTICS - The most imaginative product does you no good if you don't receive it in time for your campaign. Our logistics staff are experts at determining the most economical way to ship your goods and still meet your deadlines. Our significant shipping volume gives us preferential rates and treatment with major carriers to select the best combination of transportation for your order. We control customs and all international, domestic, and local delivery. Whether by sea, air or ground, we will get your shipment to you right...and right on time!